Shamil OM (Ozone pro, Replug)


In 1993, Shamil first tried his hand as a disc jockey in the underground, at the time, place — «Medukha» (DK name Paramedics), and since then follows his passion music lover, alternating performances in clubs producing activities, teaching at the university and organization of parties and conferences.


In April 2016, as a music producer Shamil launched in creative tandem with the Russian musician Anton Make. With the knowledge and experience of their first track Body Tethans Support Click received from such authorities as Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Marcus Schulz, Max Graham, Cid Inc, Darren Epsilon and many others. Now the plate is ready to go on the famous Belgian label Replug.

As a promoter is the founder and resident of Russia’s oldest Club label Ozone pro, known not only in Russia but also abroad. For 19 years zone held more than 200 events from chamber parties to the many thousands of raves and showed clubbers such musicians and DJs like Infected Mushrooms, John B, Skazi, Afrodite, Boris Brecha, Spartak, Yahel, Raja Ram (1200 mgms), Fonarev, Stroganov, Sanchez, Kubikov, Serge Que, Kolya, Grad, Tom Neville, SCSI 9, List, JCB, Spyder, Moonbeam, Spirit and many others. Ozone has been involved in the organization of events such as Renaissdance, Solaris, Creamfields Russia, Rainbow, Fortdance Tour, Kazantip Tour and others.

In 2014, a love of music and the journey of two long-time friends of Farid (F-Tek) and Shamil, as well as the lack of stage events in Kazan, close to them in spirit led to the emergence Project Private Sound, through which the city got acquainted with the works of such iconic artists as Anrilov, Sofia Rodina, Anushka, Mike Spirit, Richardo BHI, Bvoice, Cross and others.

Following one of its objectives — to acquaint people with new music and club culture since 1996 and to this day, the OM is the author and presenter of radio programs dedicated to electronic music, and since 2010 and organizer of conferences and workshops Night Market Academy. In the years 2008-10 served as a member on SWMS (Sochi Winter Music Conference). Since 2011, conducts a course of management and marketing at the Kazan State Institute of Arts and Culture.

Throughout the work, OM performs at all the major and important festivals  such as Kazantip, Fortdance, Depo, DJ Parade, Renaissdance, Solaris. His colleagues on the DJ scene were the gurus of electronic music like Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Anrilov, Bvoice, D.Core, Anushka, Deep Dish, Nic Fanciulli, Pascal Feos, Denis A, List, Spyder, Stoganov, Monaque , D Ramirez, DJ Grad, Tom Neville, Fonar, Mike Spirit, SCSI 9, Lisa Lashes, Anton Neumark, Serge Que and many others.
Each of its performance compared to a journey filled with new feelings, emotions and sounds. True love and commitment to the music DJ OM’a miraculously present in every track, regardless of style, creates a truly unique atmosphere in any place, whether it is a home party, or a large rave!